Each committee will have a Chairperson and an appropriate number of participants as determined by the Chairperson. Chairpersons will be elected by committee members, will be approved by the Board and will serve as liaison with the Board. Chairpersons are invited to attend monthly Board meetings whenever possible (will either arrange for another member of the committee to substitute or submit a report in advance of the meeting when unable to attend).


Includes Clubhouse, Exercise Room and Equipment, Pool, Playground and Tennis Courts

John Nedrud (Chair), Tom Belt, John Wehmann

• Surveys the facilities at least monthly;
• Committee Chairperson recommends maintenance, improvements and replacement of facilities, equipment and furnishings to the Board;
• Committees should do minor repairs such as light-bulb replacement;
• Committee Chairperson recommends updated procedures for the use and preservation of the equipment and furnishings to the Board.

Common Areas and Trails

Seth Ragosta (Chair), Mike Powers, Peri Forister, Steve Forister, and Emily Rowell Brown

• Surveys the common areas of Fontana at least monthly;
• Walks the trails at least monthly (committee members each “adopt” a trail or section of a trail and report in monthly to the Chairperson);
• Committee Chairperson provides feedback and recommendations for the landscaper to the Board.

Social and Welcome

Welcome: Jena Brenton, Tracy Weaver       

Social: Morgan Cox (Chair), Vicky Valenti, Josh Arbaugh, Tracy Arbaugh

• Contacts new owners and renters as soon as possible after move-in;
• Establishes a schedule of community parties for the year and publishes the dates on the website;
• Organizes and implements the parties;
• Manages within the agreed to budget and provides input into next year’s budget;
• Invites outside contributors to make community presentations (e.g. police on current county issues, home improvement experts, Virginia wine tastings);
• Committee Chairperson keeps the Board up to date on social events, welcoming contacts and budget

Community Relations

Mike Smith (Chair)

• Represents FOAI interests with County Board of Supervisors, VDOT, Police and Fire representatives and adjacent communities on issues affecting Fontana;
• Keeps the Board up to date on issues affecting Fontana;
• Makes recommendations to the Board about communications to the Fontana community.

Architectural Review Board

Jerry Wendelin, Dave Hurst, Gregg Scheibel, John Warnecke

• Maintains ARB procedures and recommends updates to the Board when necessary;
• Follows agreed to ARB procedures and policies;
• Receives ARB requests and either approves, requests additional information, or denies approval according to Fontana covenant documents;
• Files ARB documents in master “lot” file and on the FOAI shared drive;
• Committee Chairperson keeps the Board up to date on ARB requests and status.

Board Nomination Procedures:
• Convened each year on October 1st and disbanded after the Annual Meeting;
• Members represent the demographics of the community;
• Identify homeowners who are willing to run for board and committee positions and fulfill at least one year on the board (February 1 through February 1).

Special Committees
These committees will be convened for a temporary period, to study or resolve a particular issue and, when the work is completed, are disbanded.

Individual Contributors

  • Website/Google Groups Management, Emily Rowell Brown
  • Fontana News, Ellen Martin
  • Clubhouse Scheduling, Tabitha Plecker
  • Volunteer Coordinator (vacant)